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Property November 22, 2017

VIDEO: What should I do when a tenant won't pay rent?

You thought you’d found the perfect tenants, but then you realise that they haven’t paid their rent. What should you do? 

• First, communication is key. Always check the day after rent is due to make sure it is in your account. If it’s not there, contact them straight away. There could be a simple answer, like a transfer issue. Keep clear records of all communications. 

• Generally, give up to seven days as a grace period, then give a formal letter, and then give 24 hours’ notice to visit the property.

• Does your tenant have a guarantor to pay their rent if they are unable to? Get in touch with them as they may be able to settle the bill. 

• Have you got landlord insurance? A ‘rent guarantee’ will provide rental arrears and financial help. 

• Problem still not solved? It’s time to get the courts involved. Talk to a legal advisor like a solicitor and bodies like the National Landlord Association to help you. 

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VIDEO: What should I do when a tenant won't pay rent?

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