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When navigating the NW6 property market, Living Residential is the go-to estate agent. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have been helping clients buy, sell, and rent properties in NW6 for years. Our team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of the local market trends, ensuring that clients receive personalised and informed advice.

Whether you're searching for a Victorian townhouse, a contemporary apartment, or a charming family home, our extensive portfolio has something for everyone. As your NW6 estate agent, we understand the nuances of the local property landscape and are dedicated to finding a home that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.


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NW6 Properties

NW6 boasts various types of properties, each contributing to the area's unique character. From the elegant Victorian terraces of West Hampstead to the modern apartments near Kilburn, NW6 offers a diverse tapestry of property options.

For those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle, West Hampstead is a hotspot with its tree-lined streets, trendy boutiques, and various cafes and restaurants. In contrast, Kilburn provides a multicultural atmosphere, reflecting London's diverse identity. Our expertise ensures that you find a property that meets your criteria and complements the unique ambience of your chosen NW6 neighbourhood.

Choosing the right property is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about finding a home that resonates with your lifestyle. Living Residential understands the distinct personalities of West Hampstead and Kilburn, and our expertise lies in matching individuals with properties that complement.


Living in NW6

Living in NW6 offers a lifestyle that seamlessly fuses the vibrant energy of city life with the comforting embrace of a close-knit community. This postcode, comprising the distinctive neighbourhoods of West Hampstead and Kilburn, invites residents into a world where every corner tells a unique story against a canvas of diversity.

West Hampstead is the epitome of social vibrancy. Known for its thriving social scene, this neighbourhood has become a playground for residents seeking entertainment outside their doorstep. Independent cinemas showcase cinematic gems, live music venues reverberate with melodies, and various culinary delights invite exploration.

Residents of West Hampstead are spoiled for choice when it comes to cultural experiences. Whether it's an evening spent appreciating indie films, tapping their feet to live music, or indulging in a culinary journey that spans the globe, the social offerings of West Hampstead are engaging.

Kilburn has a distinctly different feel. The multicultural influences of this area manifest in its culinary offerings, turning Kilburn into a haven for food enthusiasts. International restaurants and markets line the streets, with a variety of choices that reflect the community.

Residents of NW6 often find themselves captivated by Kilburn's hidden gems – from boutique stores with unique finds to the vibrant street life that defines the postcode.

Amidst the urban hustle, NW6 cherishes its green spaces. West Hampstead's Fortune Green and Kilburn Grange Park show the commitment of this postcode to balance city living with moments of serenity. These green spaces become retreats for residents, offering places to unwind, connect with nature, or enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Living in NW6 is all about choice. Whether you seek the energetic pulse of city life or the quiet of nature, this postcode provides both in abundance. Residents can engage in the dynamic energy of London and then escape to the more serene spots within NW6. It's a lifestyle that harmoniously blends the best of both worlds.


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Moving to NW6

One of the key advantages of moving to NW6 is the exceptional transportation infrastructure. West Hampstead, a central hub within the postcode, is a testament to this convenience. It provides access to the Jubilee Line, Overground, and Thameslink services as a transport nexus. This connectivity opens a world of possibilities, making commuting to central London and beyond an effortlessly convenient affair.

Kilburn complements this connectivity with its well-connected tube and bus routes, further enhancing the accessibility of NW6. Whether you're a professional looking for a swift commute or a family seeking ease of travel, the transportation network in NW6 ensures that you're well-connected to the heart of the city and beyond.

For families considering a move to NW6, the abundance of educational options is a significant factor. Living Residential understands the importance of finding a home within the catchment areas of preferred schools. NW6 boasts a range of well-regarded primary schools and reputable secondary institutions, providing families with quality education for their children.

Our team at Living Residential takes pride in assisting families in their search for properties within the catchment areas of these esteemed educational institutions. We aim to ease the transition for families relocating to NW6 by aligning their housing choices with their educational preferences.

Contact our team at Living Residential if you would like to discuss moving to NW6 or if you would like to sell your property in NW6.

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