Selling your property involves a multi-faceted process, and understanding each step is crucial for a successful and seamless transaction. This comprehensive guide will walk you through key stages, providing valuable insights into making informed decisions throughout the selling journey.

Arrange Your Finances

Before embarking on your property-selling journey, it's essential to organise your finances. Evaluate your existing mortgage and any financial commitments tied to the property. Be aware of potential fees or penalties associated with early repayment.

There are other costs to consider when selling a property. These include agent fees, energy performance certificate costs, and conveyancing. Establish a realistic budget, factoring in moving costs and potential expenses related to the sale.

Book a Valuation with Living Residential

Knowing the market value of your property is paramount. Schedule a professional valuation to assess its worth accurately. This valuation considers unique features and local market trends, helping you set a competitive asking price.

At Living Residential, we offer professional property valuations conducted by experts with a deep understanding of the West Hampstead market. Our valuations consider the unique features and local trends, providing an accurate assessment of your property's worth.

Prepare Your Property for Viewings

First impressions always matter. Prepare your property to make a positive impact on potential buyers. You can begin by addressing minor repairs, decluttering, and ensuring proper lighting to enhance its appeal. If you have a garden, it might also be a good idea to spruce up your outside, adding to your kerb appeal.

Instruct a Conveyancing Solicitor

Instructing the services of a conveyancer or property solicitor is essential to navigate the legal intricacies of any potential offer you accept. Having one in place before offers start rolling in is a prudent move, ensuring a streamlined process without unnecessary delays.

Your chosen conveyancer will undertake various crucial tasks, including obtaining the property deeds and mortgage details, drafting the contract, responding to inquiries, negotiating with the buyer's conveyancer, facilitating the exchange of agreements, and managing the funds transfer. The conveyancer ensures legal compliance throughout this intricate process, confirming that all aspects are in order and that the buyer fulfils their commitments per the agreed deal.

Receiving & Accepting an Offer

When offers start rolling in, negotiations become a pivotal aspect. Carefully consider each offer and negotiate to reach an agreement beneficial for both parties. Maintain clear communication and seek professional advice, if needed, to make informed decisions.

Living Residential can present and discuss each offer with you, providing expert advice on whether to accept, reject, or counteroffer. We aim to secure the best deal for you while maintaining a transparent and communicative relationship with all parties involved.

Find Your Next Property

Once your current property is under offer, it's advisable to engage with estate agents to commence the search for your new home. You face two options in selecting your next property: either renting a suitable place or proceeding with an onward purchase if the right property is available.

In the scenario where a property has garnered significant interest, having a property currently under offer places you in a favourable position, especially in a competitive market. This advantageous position increases your likelihood of securing a property you've developed an affinity for, preventing the risk of losing it to someone else further ahead in the chain.

Exchange of Contracts

Once negotiations conclude successfully, the exchange of contracts is the next step. This legally binding process solidifies the sale, with agreed-upon terms by both parties. Ensure all necessary documents are in order and the exchange meets legal requirements.


Completion marks the final step in your property-selling journey. On the agreed-upon date, ownership transfers, and you hand over the keys to the new owner. Funds are exchanged, and the property officially changes hands. Celebrate this achievement as you close the chapter on your current property.

If you want to sell your West Hampstead property, contact our West Hampstead branch today to start your journey.

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