Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

5 Tips to Manage Through the Current Energy Crisis

5 Tips to Manage Through the Current Energy Crisis


The energy crisis is affecting millions of people across the UK and with prices set to rise further in October, it’s a good idea to look at ways to lower your energy bills. There are lots of things you can do and as an example, here are 5 tips to help you manage through the current energy crisis


Set a budget by installing a smart meter

You may already have been contacted by your energy supplier about installing a smart meter in your home. They are free to install and are used to monitor your gas and electricity use, ultimately giving you more control over your spending. They are used to monitor your energy consumption and automatically send readings to your supplier. That means you are only every billed on what you use and are not charged based on estimates. A smart meter also comes with an in-home digital display, showing readings in pounds an kilowatt hours, so you always know how much you are spending.


Upgrade your Insulation

There are a few easy ways you can also save money by upgrading insulation around your home. For example, adding a 80mm thick British Standard Jacket to your hot water cylinder could save you up to £35 a year. You can also add insulation to your water tank, pipes and radiators to reduce energy loss. Houses lose a lot of heat through their roof, so insulating your loft or attic can help to retain heat for longer inside your home. 


Window Replacements

Your house loses around 10% of its heat through the windows, so you may want to consider draught-proofing or replacing them. If you can afford replacements, opt for new double or triple glazed systems that are more energy efficient and will not let any cold draughts into the room. A more budget-friendly option is draught-proofing, which involves used draught-proofing kits or excluders to seal in the heat. You can also seal cracks in skirting boards and floors and block an unused chimney for extra draught protection. 


Turn off standby appliances

It’s convenient to leave appliances on standby mode but turning them off can really make a different to your yearly spend. Turning off most appliances usually won’t affect their programming and you could also invest in a smart plug which makes it much easier to turn everything off in one go. If you aren’t sure about turning off some appliances, take a look at the product manual, as some digital TV recorders and satellites may need to be left switched on to remember programmes you have set up to record.


Using energy efficient appliances

If it’s the right time to change an appliance and you have the money, opting for one that has a high energy efficiency rating can help you to cut down on energy bills. Over an 11-year period A+++ washing machines offer better energy efficiency savings than an A+ model. Modern dishwashers tend to be cheaper to run than older variations, while a A+++ fridge freezer will save a lot of money on energy bills compared to an A+ model.

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5 Tips to Manage Through the Current Energy Crisis   The energy crisis is affecting millions of people across more