Posted on Monday, May 9, 2022

Top tips to save energy and reduce your bills during the current energy crisis

Top tips to save energy and reduce your bills during the current energy crisis


Energy prices are higher than ever before and could rise even higher when new prices are introduced in October. It means homeowners and tenants need to find ways to save energy and reduce gas and electricity costs, and we’ve put together some top tips on how you can reduce your bills in 2022.


Install a smart meter

Smart meters do not have any upfront cost and offer an easy way to monitor your energy usage. They tell you where energy is being used and how much, so you can make quick adjustments where needed.


Lower your washing temperature

Most clothes can be washed at a lower temperate than stated on the label without affecting the quality. Higher temperatures use more energy, so washing at 30 degrees will save a few pounds every year.


Shorter showers

Taking a 5-minute shower will still ensure you are fresh as a daisy while also reducing your water consumption and energy usage, lowering your bill. Also install an eco-shower head

if possible, as this uses the water more efficiently once the taps are turned on.


Heat rooms as you need them

Rather than heating the entire house in one go, localise the heating process to heat the floor level or rooms you are using at the time. You can open the valves of a particular room 30 minutes before you start using it (if you are going to bed, for example) so it is nice and warm for you when you enter.


Turn off lights and appliances

Use LED lightbulbs as they are more energy efficient and turn off any appliances that aren’t being used to cut down on electricity costs. Also do the same for hallway lights and lights in rooms you are not using, as this will lower your bill and ensure the bulbs last for longer.


Turn down the heating

Turning down your thermostat by as little as 1°C can make a difference across the year. If your home feels slightly cooler, putting on an extra layer or some thicker socks should be enough to keep your warm.


Don’t charge your phone overnight

Leaving your phone on charge overnight wastes unnecessary electricity, so try to do it before you go to bed. Overcharging the phone can also damage the battery and shorten its lifespan, so try to aim for anywhere between 40-80%.


Defrost the freezer

The more packed the freezer it is, the harder it needs to work and the more electricity it will use. Try to defrost the freezer at least once a year and ensure that the seals are tight to reduce too much ice forming inside (which comes from air moisture when the door is open).


Use your curtains

Open the curtains when the sun is out to let the room naturally warm. The same is true during the night-time as most homes lose a lot of heat through the windows. Also consider buying longer curtains to improve the heat efficiency of your home.

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